Antiderivative Finder Online with Steps

The antiderivative is also known as the Integral. The Antiderivative Calculator is a free online tool that is used to compute integrals of the function. Our Antiderivative Calculator Online tool will provide the output faster and also accurately within a few seconds. So, get the accurate results for antiderivative of the function using a calculator from here.

Antiderivative Calculator with Steps

The antiderivative of the function is also known as the integration. An antiderivative Calculator is used to find the integral of the expression. Get the step by step procedure to use an antiderivative calculator.

Step 1: Enter the function in the required input field.

Step 2: Hit the calculate button to get the antiderivative of the function.

Step 3: The integral of the function will be displayed on your screen.

FAQs on Integration Calculator

1. What is meant by antiderivative?

An antiderivative of a function is the inverse operation of derivation. It is also called integration. The antiderivative of the function with respect to x is denoted by ∫x dx.

2. How does an antiderivative calculator work?

1. First select the definite or indefinite option.

2. Enter the function in the relevant field.

3. Tap on the calculate button.

4. Within a fraction of seconds you will get the output on the screen.

3. What is the antiderivative of 1?

The antiderivative of 1 is equal to x + c

∫1 dx = x + C

where x is variable and C is constant

Antiderivative Calculator