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What is Cusec?

Cusec or CFS is cubic foot or feet per second. It is a criterion for the rate of flow of a fluid. Generally, it is applied to water flow, especially in rivers. The department of irrigation still uses it.

One cusec is equal to one cubic foot of water flow per second. Nearly one cusec water is equivalent to 28.317 litres per second.

Furthermore, 7.48 gallons of water flowing each second is equivalent to one cusec.

How Many Liters For One Cusec?

Cusec or One cubic foot per second is a unit of measurement for the proportion of fluid flow, especially through a pipeline. One cubic feet per second is also known as cusec.

1 cusec = 28.316847 litre/second

How Do You Convert Cusecs to Litres?

The simple steps to convert the cusecs to litres are listed below.

  1. Firstly, For converting cusecs to litres we will look at the relationship between cusec and litres.
  2. As we know, 30.48 cm = 1 foot

As a consequence, 1 Cusec equals (30.48*30.48*30.48) cm

1 Cusec= 28316.85 cm3 

  1. Dividing this by 1000, we can get litres.

28316.85/1000 Litres = 1 Cusec

  1. As 1 cusec is equal to 28.317 litres per second.

1 cusec is equal to 28.32 litres per second.

In conclusion, 1 Cusec equals 28.32 Litres per second.

How to Calculate Cusec Solved Example


How many cusecs are there in 56.633694 litres and 141.584235 litres?


 As we know, 28316.85/1000 Litres = 1 Cusec saas

Dividing this 


= 2 cusec

Hence, there are 2 cusecs in 56.633694 litres.

Dividing the other one


=4.99999 cusec 

After rounding off it will become 5 cusecs.

Hence, there are 5 cusecs in 141.584235 litres.

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FAQs on One Cusec is Equal To How Many Litres Calculator 

How many litres is cusec?

1 cusec translates into 28.32 litres of water flow per second.

How do you convert litres to cusecs?

On converting 1 cusec into litres we get 28.32 Litres per second.

What is cusec unit?

According to the definition, Cusec denotes a cubic foot per second. It is a volumetric unit used for the determination of the flow rate of water.

How many cusecs are in TMC?

TMC is a thousand million cubic feet and 1 TMC is equal to the 11,000 cusecs flow for a day.

Cusec To Litres Calculator