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Free and user-friendly divisible by 11 calculators is the online tool that was provided on our page. This online calculator tool aims to check whether any fixed number is divisible by 11 or not. For using this calculator tool, just enter any number as input in the input field and then click on the calculate button.

divisible by 11

Divisible by 11 Calculator: Feeling difficulty to check the number is divisible by 11 or not every time? If so, look into our online divisibility by 11 calculator tool to find if the given number is divisible by 11 or not. Still, not only the calculator on this page you can also find step-by-step procedures on how to find whether the number is divisible by 11 or not, solved examples, and many more. Read on to know!!

What is the Divisibility Rule of 11?

The divisibility rule of 11 states that the difference between the sum of the digits at odd places and the sum of the digits at even places of the given number is “0” or divisible by 11. Then the given number is divisible by 11. 

Step by Step Process To Find Divisibility by 11

Here we are going to look into the steps to find the divisibility of 11 easily and manually. Go through the guidelines carefully.

  • Note down the number that was given in the problem.
  • Now, start looking for even or odd position numbers from the leftmost or rightmost digit of the given number.
  • Look for digits at all odd places in the number and find the sum of all digits.
  • Find the sum of all digits in the even positions that were available in that number.
  • After that, look for the difference in sum that was obtained for even and odd positions.
  • If the difference is zero or it is divisible by 11 then the given number is divisible by 11.

Example On Divisible by 11 

Question 1: Is 86416 divisible by 11?


Given number is 86416

Sum of digits in the even position = 6+1 = 7

Sum of digits in the odd position = 8+4+6 = 18. 

The difference between the sum obtained by even and odd positions is 

18 - 7 = 11

As level is divisible by 11. Then the number 86416 is divisible by 11.

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FAQs on Divisible by 11 Calculator

  1. How to use this divisible by 11 calculator tool?

All you need to do is give the inputs in the input fields and then, click on the calculate button so that you will get the answer immediately.

  1. Is 73 divisible by 11?

No, as the difference between odd and even positions is 4, and 4 is not divisible by 11. 73 is not divisible by 11.

  1. What are the two-digit numbers that were divisible by 11?

The two-digit numbers that are divisible by 11 are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.

Divisible By 11 Calculator