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Number Divided by Fraction Calculator of ours will tell you How to Calculate Number Divided by a Fraction in a matter of seconds. You just have to type in the values of both whole numbers and fractions in the input sections and then click on the calculate button to avail the result.

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How to Divide a Number by a Fraction?

Go through the steps below to divide a number by a fraction easily. They are listed in the following way

  • Firstly obtain the given number and fraction.
  • Convert the given number into fractions by simply placing 1 as the denominator.
  • Then find the reciprocal of the divisor i.e. reverse both the numerator and denominator
  • Now multiply the two fractions i.e. numerators together and denominators together.
  • If possible simplify the result.

Solved Examples of Dividing Number by a Fraction

Example 1.

Divide 5 by 3/4.


Given values are 5 and 3/4

To convert a given whole number to a fraction we will add 1 as the denominator i.e. 5/1

Now, finding the reciprocal of divisor 3/4 we get 4/3

Multiplying fractions together we have (5/1) x(4/3)

= (5x4)/(1x3)

= 5/12

As we can’t further reduce the given fraction it is the result after dividing 5 by 3/4

Therefore, 5 ÷ 3/4 is 5/12

Example 2.

Divide 6 by 2/3


Given Values are 6 and 2/3

Changing 6 to fraction we get 6/1

Reciprocal of Divisor 2/3 is 3/2

Multiplying fractions we get (6/1) x (3/2)

= (6x3)/(1x2)

= 18/2

= 9

Therefore, 6 ÷ 2/3 is 9.

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FAQs on What is Number Divided by Fraction

1. What is the Rule for Dividing Fractions?

The rule for Dividing Fractions is Keep, Flip and Change.

2. How to Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions?

Write the number as a fraction and find the reciprocal of the divisor. Next, multiply the fractions together and simplify if possible.

3. How to use the Number Divided by Fraction Calculator?

Just enter the values of both the number and fraction in the respective fields of the calculator and click on the calculate button to obtain the result of the number divided by a fraction.