Percent to Decimal Calculator Online with steps

Do you know how to convert percent to decimal? If not then make use of our percent to decimal calculator online for free. Check out the step by step procedure to convert from percentage to decimal number with a calculator here. Learn how to convert a whole number into a decimal number from this article.

% to decimal

How to Convert Percent to Decimal using a calculator?

A decimal is a number that consists of both the whole number part and the fraction part. Go through the steps given below to know how to use the percent to decimal calculator.

1. Enter the whole number x in the relevant input place.

2. Now click on the calculate button.

3. After a few seconds the result will be obtained in decimal form.

4. Hit the RESET button to enter new values and continue the process.

How to Convert a Percent to Decimal Number?

To find the decimal as the percent you have to divide the given whole number by 100. Conver the whole number into a fraction. After that convert the fraction into a decimal by dividing the numerator and denominator. The result obtained will be the decimal number.

FAQs on Percent to Decimal Conversion

1. What is 8% as a decimal?

In order to convert 8% into a decimal number, we have to write the whole number into a fraction.

Divide 8 by 100. (% = 100)

8/100 = 0.08

So, 8% as a decimal is 0.08

2. How do you convert percentages to decimals?

You can convert the percentage to a decimal by dividing the given number by 100.

3. What is Percent to Decimal?

Percent to decimal means we have to write the given percentage to its equivalent decimal just by dividing the given whole number by 10.

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