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Rounding Significant Figures Calculator is an online tool that rounds the numbers to significant figures. Simply enter the number, significant figures in the input fields of the calculator and then click on the calculate button to avail the result easily.

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Rounding Significant Figures Calculator: If you are willing to learn how to round to specific significant figures check out this complete page. Here we are giving what is meant by rounding significant figures, rules for significant figures and detailed steps to roundoff numbers to significant figures. Also, get the example questions with answers in the later sections.

What is Rounding Significant Figures? | Rules to Round Significant Figures

Significant figures are nothing but digits in a number. In the process of rounding leading zeroes are removed and the number remains as it is. For removing digits, identify the significant figures to attain accuracy. The below-listed are rules for rounding numbers to mentioned significant figures.

  • Non zero digits are always significant.
  • Zeros between non-zero digits are also significant.
  • Leading zeros are never significant.
  • Trailing zeros are said to be significant if the number has a decimal point.

How to Rounding to Significant Figures?

Below provided is the step by step process to round to 3 significant figures. Follow these guidelines to find the answer effortlessly.

  • Firstly, look at the first non-zero digit if you are rounding to one significant figure.
  • Check for the digit after the first non-zero digit if two rounding to 2 significant figures.
  • If the next digit of the non-zero digit is equal to 5 or more, then increase the previous digit by one.
  • If the next digit of the non-zero digit is less than 5, then keep the previous digit as same.
  • Fill any spaces right of the digit with zeros, stopping at the decimal point if there.


Question 1: Round 853 to 2 significant figures.


The given number is 853

The number of significant figures in the given number are 3 and they are 8, 5, 3

Second significant figure in given number is 5

The next number after 5 is 3 which is less than 5. So, remain the second significant figure as it is and add zeros right of it.

The rounded number is 850.

Question 2: Round 0.008635 to 3 significant figures.


The given number is 0.008635

The number of significant figures in the given number are 4, they are 8, 6, 3, 5

3rd significant figure is 3.

The next number of 3rd significant figure is 5 which is equal to 5. So add 1 to previous digit i.e 3

So, the rounded number is 0.00864.

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FAQs on Rounding to Significant Figures Calculator

1. How do you round to significant figures?

Always check for the non-zero digit if rounding to one significant figure. If the next digit after the significant figure is more than 5, increase the previous digit. Otherwise, the previous digit remains the same.

2. What are Significant Figures?

Significant figures are the meaningful digits in the number. When you round a number up or down, one or some of the significant figures are altered.

3. What are the rounding rules?

The two important rules to round numbers are given here. Rounds down when the next digit is lesser than 5 and rounds up when the next digit is greater than or equal to 5.

4. Round 3.689 to 3 significant figures.

The given decimal number is 3.689

The next digit after 3 significant figures place is 9. It is greater than 5. So, add 1 to the 3rd position digit i.e 8.

Therefore, rounding off 3.689 to 3 significant figures is 3.69.

Rounding Significant Figures Calculator