Exponent Calculator to Compute Base to the power of n

Exponent Calculator is an online tool that is used to calculate the base to the nth power faster without any mistakes. Use our exponent expression calculator to find the value of the expression with speed and accuracy. Get the guidelines on how to use the exponent calculator from this article.

What is an Exponent?

An exponent is a mathematical expression with base and power. Exponent is also known as power. An exponent is to reduce the repeated multiplication. If the number is repeated many times then we can write that expression in the form of an exponent.

Negative Exponent Calculator

Do you know the difference between a positive exponent and a negative exponent? A negative exponent has a negative sign in its power and a positive exponent does not have any sign in its power place. Let us see how to find the negative exponent from the below section.

1. First Identify the base and exponent.

2. In order to change the negative sign write the reciprocal of the base.

3. Now write the reciprocal of the base n number of times.

4. Multiply the base and get the result of the negative exponent.

How to Use Exponents Calculator Online?

Follow the instructions provided below to know how to use Exponent Calculator online for free.

1. Enter the value of base and exponent in the input field.

2. Hit the calculate button to get the output.

3. Within a fraction of seconds the value of the simplified exponent will be displayed in the output field.

FAQs on Simplify Exponent Calculator

1. What is Exponent Laws and Rules?

The exponent formula is a . a . a ....an

Multiplying Exponents = an . am = am+n

Dividing Exponents = an/am = an-m

Power of Exponents = (an)m = an.m

Negative Exponent = an = 1/an

Zero Exponent = a0= 1

2. What is the exponent in 8²?

The value of 8² is 8 × 8 = 64

3. What is 2 raised power 5?

2 raised power 5 = 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 = 25 = 32
So, the value of 2 raised power 5 is 32.

Exponent Calculator