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Take the help of a handy Rounding Calculator tool and get the rounding value for any decimal number. Simply, provide your number in the respective input field and click on the calculate button to display the rounded value as output within no time.


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Rounding Calculator: If you are facing troubles to round up the number, then you have come the right way. Take the help of our free online tool Rounding Calculator to get the output of the rounded whole number quickly. Along with this tool, you will also learn the process behind rounding any number in detail with examples.

Process for Rounding Off Numbers

Follow the below provided step by step procedure to round up your number to the nearest whole number or nearest tenth, hundredth, and thousandth number.

  • Take any decimal number
  • The primary rule involved in rounding decimals to the nearest whole number is look at the tenths digit
  • If it is less than 5 then round given number down by removing the decimal part of that particular number
  • If it is 5 or more then round the number up by adding one to the ones digit and truncating the decimal part of that number


Question: What is 15.3 rounded to the nearest whole number?


Given decimal number is 15.3

The number in the tenths digit is 3 which is less than 3

So, the rounded value of 15.3 is 15.

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FAQs on Rounding Calculator

1. What is 6.5 rounded to the nearest whole number?

The number after the point is 5, then add one to the number on one's place. So, that means 6.5 is rounded to 7.

2. What is the difference between rounded down and rounded up?

Round down means making that decimal number equal to the next largest integer that is smaller than the given number. Where round up is nothing but making the given number equal to the next smallest integer that is larger than that number.

3. What is rounding off a number?

Rounding means making a number simpler but keeping its value closer to what it is.

4. How do you use a Rounding Calculator for rounding the numbers?

The simple process is just enter your decimal number as input and click the button which is having calculate as text, then you will get the nearest whole number for your number on the screen.

Rounding Calculator