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Conversion of Miles to Steps is simple and easy with our free online Miles to Steps calculator. All you require to do is enter sex, average height, and how many miles to convert inputs in the fields of the calculator and click on the calculate button. In seconds, our handy conversion calculator generates the output in steps along with a detailed explanation.

Miles to Steps

Miles in Steps Calculation Examples

Steps in Miles Calculation Examples


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Miles to Steps Calculator: Is your phone failed to show the steps count after your walk/run? Need to check how many steps you have completed for certain miles? This is the right tool you have landed. Our free online calculator tool ie., Miles to Steps Calculator finds the steps you have taken in particular miles and help you calculate each step accurately. Take the assistance of conversion miles to steps online calculator and learn the definitions, conversion formula, how to convert miles into steps manually, and solved examples on miles-to-steps calculations.

What is a Mile?

Several units of distance and length (in physics terminology) are called a mile. A mile is denoted as mi and is equivalent to 1609 m approx on land and 1853 m at sea and in the air. Also, you can see other particular definitions of a mile like a nautical mile, metric mile, survey mile, and statute mile. Moreover, we know that 1 meter is equal to 0.00062137119223733 miles, or 1.3123359580052 steps.

Miles to Steps Conversion Formula

In order to convert the miles into steps, we use the standard formulas for a number of steps ie.,

Steps = Distance / Stride length


Distance value is the given miles

Stride length value is the average length of female/male ie., Female = 2.2ft and Male = 2.5 ft

Also, you have one more formula to convert the miles to steps when you know how many steps in a mile. Below are the conversion formulas of miles to steps for women and men.

Steps for Men = Miles x 2122

Steps for Women = Miles x 2400

Different Approaches Used By Miles to Steps Conversion Calculator

There are a few methods that can help you determine the conversion of miles and steps in a simple and manual manner

Approach 1: Using Stride Length

If you want to calculate the steps that you have taken for certain miles using this method. You should enter the stride length of your in the input box and choose your sex. Later on, go for the calculate button available to determine the steps you walked/run.

Approach 2: Using Average Steps-Based Method

One more method that can be used to determine your steps when you know the miles you have covered is an average steps-based method. In this method, you have to identify the two inputs ie., your biological sex and the distance you covered. After entering these inputs the system by default considers the average stride length of females and males while calculating. In a while, it generates the result in steps.

Approach 3: Using Height

In this last method, you have to enter your sex, your height of yours in the required fields along with pace, and the number of miles you walked/run. It calculates the stride length as per your height and then it finds out the steps you have taken in the covered distance.

Based on your parameters you can choose the method that suits you and start calculating the number of steps you have taken.

Quick Miles to Steps Conversion Chart

These are the steps females/males can take for 1 mile on average. By using this below assumption a quick conversion chart of miles to steps is given here for your reference.

  • 1 mile run = 1,672 steps
  • 1 mile fast run = 1,400 steps
  • 1 mile very fast run = 1,080 steps
  • 1 mile jog = 1,951 steps
  • 1 mile brisk walk = 1,935 steps
  • 1 mile average-speed walk = 2,252 steps

Check the 1 to 25 miles to steps conversion table and solve your problems quickly:


Average walk


Brisk walk




1 mile

2252 steps

1935 steps

1672 steps

2 miles

4504 steps

3870 steps

3344 steps

3 miles

6756 steps

5805 steps

5016 steps

4 miles

9008 steps

7740 steps

6688 steps

5 miles

11260 steps

9675 steps

8360 steps

6 miles

13512 steps

11610 steps

10032 steps

7 miles

15764 steps

13545 steps

11704 steps

8 miles

18016 steps

15480 steps

13376 steps

9 miles

20268 steps

17415 steps

15048 steps

10 miles

22520 steps

19350 steps

16720 steps

11 miles

24772 steps

21285 steps

18392 steps

12 miles

27024 steps

23220 steps

20064 steps

13 miles

29276 steps

25155 steps

21736 steps

14 miles

31528 steps

27090 steps

23408 steps

15 miles

33780 steps

29025 steps

25080 steps

16 miles

36032 steps

30960 steps

26752 steps

17 miles

38284 steps

32895 steps

28424 steps

18 miles

40536 steps

34830 steps

30096 steps

19 miles

42788 steps

36765 steps

31768 steps

20 miles

45040 steps

38700 steps

33440 steps

21 miles

47292 steps

40635 steps

35112 steps

22 miles

49544 steps

42570 steps

36784 steps

23 miles

51796 steps

44505 steps

38456 steps

24 miles

54048 steps

46440 steps

40128 steps

25 miles

56300 steps

48375 steps

41800 steps

How To Use Miles To Steps Conversion Calculator?

The following are the simple steps on how to use the calculator of miles to steps and get the desired result in no time. They are as listed below:

  • Firstly, you have to enter the inputs in the given required field as per your problem.
  • Now, choose the method you have to convert your miles to steps by using the available dropdown box.
  • After completing the entry of inputs do press the calculate button to convert the miles to steps and get the output in steps at a faster pace.

FAQs on Bike Miles to Steps Calculator Online with Solution

  1. How many steps are in 1 mile?

The suggested steps that can be taken in 1 mile is 2000 steps.

  1. How many steps in 2.4 miles of running?

The steps that can be counted for 2.4 miles of running is like 4000 steps. Want to check how is it calculated then make sure to visit the online miles to steps calculator provided by

  1. Is possible to get a detailed solution for miles to steps conversion calculation?

Yes, it’s possible to get a detailed solution for miles-to-steps conversion calculation using the available miles-to-steps calculator on our page.

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