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Quotient of Numbers Free Online Calculator: If you have been stuck in the middle of calculating any complex math problems because of finding the quotient for large numbers? Here is a quick solution for you ie., Quotient of Numbers Calculator. This tool will provide the quotient in a matter of seconds after entering the inputs with a detailed solution. Do learn what is quotient and its formulas along with how to calculate the quotient in division and examples.

What is Quotient in Math?

In maths, a Quotient is defined as a number obtained after dividing the number by any divisor. Also, it is stated as the number of times the divisor is included in the dividend. The quotient can be a whole number or a decimal number. For example, if we divide the 10 by 5 then the result 2 is called a quotient.

Terms Related to Quotient

The terms that include in the process of finding a quotient, apart from the quotient are explained here in a table. Let's check out the term and its description:




The number being divided is directed as the dividend.


The number we divide by is called the divisor.


The number obtained when two numbers are divided.


If the divisor is not a factor of the dividend then it is left with a remainder.

How To Find Quotients Manually?

The manual process of finding quotient is simple yet easier if it is smaller numbers. Just dive into the below procedure and determine the quotient for the given numbers.

  • You can see two basic methods to find the quotient of two numbers. One is repeated subtraction and the other is the long division method which is used for large numbers.
  • When you want to find the quotient using repeated subtraction. Check the process, where the divisor is subtracted from the dividend until it is no longer possible to do so.
  • The second method is the long division layout where division is made from left to right.

The main steps that need to be followed while performing the long division method are as such:

  • Find how many times the divisor can be calculated to go into the first digit on the left.
  • In case, it doesn’t give the exact quotient then pair it with the next number to the right and repeat the same process till you find the number that the divisor can go.
  • Now, subtract the product of the divisor and the present quotient from the number included.
  • Check the resulting number and take down the next digit where you find the new dividend to divide by the divisor.
  • Write the result and again repeat the divisor multiplication by the quotient in the prior step and subtract the outcome from the current dividend.

Find the Quotient Example

Example 1:

What is the quotient of 10 and 5?



Dividend is 10

Divisor is 5

Now, find the quotient of numbers using the quotient formula in division:

The formula is Quotient = Dividend ÷ Divisor

Substitute the given values and we get;

Quotient = 10 ÷ 5

Quotient = 2

Therefore, the quotient of numbers 10 and 5 is 2.

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FAQs on Quotient Calculator with Steps

What are the 6 quotients?

There are different types of quotients and the six quotient names are listed below:

  • XQ – eXperience Quotient.
  • IQ – Intelligence Quotient.
  • LQ – Learning Agility Quotient.
  • TQ – Technical/Operational Quotient.
  • PQ – People Quotient.
  • MQ - Motivational Quotient.

How do you write the quotient of a number?

The quotient of a number is written by dividing one number by another number ie., dividend ÷ divisor = quotient.

How to Find the Quotient in Division?

After completing the process of division, you will get the result as a quotient. And it can be obtained when a divisor divides the given dividend. For example, 4 divides 12 in 3 times hence 3 is the quotient.

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