Repeating Decimal to Fraction Calculator

A repeating Decimal is also known as a recurring decimal. A repeating decimal to fraction calculator is an online tool that is used for converting decimal to fraction. In the case of repeating decimals, you have to enter how many decimal places are in the decimal number repeat.

Repeating Fraction of:

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How to use Recurring Decimal to Fraction Calculator Online for Free?

Students can make our Decimal to Fraction Online Calculator as a reference to check whether their solutions are right or wrong. Follow the steps given below to know how to use a repeating decimal to fraction calculator online for free of cost.

1. Enter the repeating decimals in the input fields.

2. Click on the calculate button.

3. Wait for a while to get the fraction on your screen.

4. Hit the Reset button to enter the new repeating decimal values.

How to convert repeating decimal to fraction?

1. Locate the repeating decimals. Count how many repeating digits are there in the pattern.

2. Rewrite the decimal as the equation.

3. Remove the repeating decimal.

4. Simplify the fraction.

FAQs on Repeating Decimal to Fraction Calculator Online

1. How do I convert repeating decimals to fractions?

You can convert recurring decimals to fractions by writing an equation. And then simplify the equation to get the fraction from the repeating decimal.

2. What is 0.15 repeating as a fraction?

Convert 0.15 repeating decimal as a fraction with infinite decimal places.

Repeating = 0.151515....

x = 0.15

Multiply both sides by 100.

100x = 15.1515...

100x - x = 15.1515.. - 0.1515...

99x = 15

x = 15/99

x = 5/33

3. How do you write 0.125 repeating as a fraction?

0.125 = 125/1000

Reduce the obtained fraction in the simplest form.

125/1000 = 1/8

Repeating Decimal As A Fraction Calculator