Rounding to the Nearest Yuan Calculator

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Get immediate help from this free online rounding to the nearest yuan calculator and make your calculations on point. All you have to do is enter the input field and click on the calculate button to round off the given input to the nearest renminbi or CNY in no time.

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Rounding to the Nearest Yuan Calculator: Seek homework and assignment help from our online calculator tools and learn the concept easily and effortlessly. As we have discussed each and every point about rounding to the nearest Chinese yuan (CNY) in a step-wise manner. Also, you can view definitions, rules, procedure steps, and solved examples from the further modules so continue your read.

What is meant by Rounding Off to Nearest Yuan or Renminbi?

Rounding to the nearest CNY or Renminbi is the process of trimming the needed currency into the nearest yuan currency. The official currency of China is Renminbi(RMB) & the Chinese Yuan (CNY). The symbol of yuan is ¥. The subunit of yuan is fen. Look at the below section and attain the information on how to round off to RMB or CNY.

Steps to Round to the Nearest Renminbi or Chinese Yuan

Here is the simple process that helps everyone to round the amount to the nearest ¥ manually with ease:

First, identify the decimal values in the given price.
If the first digit after the decimal point is 0 to 4 then round down the Chinese yuan.
If the first digit after the decimal point is 5 to 9 then round up the Chinese yuan.
Finally, you will find the desired output that rounds to the nearest Chinese currency yuan (¥).

Let's have a glance at the available worked out examples on rounding off to the nearest RMB or CNY (¥) and get proper knowledge on solving these complex rounding.


Round ¥1.56 to the nearest Chinese Yuan (CNY).


Given Chinese amount is ¥1.56

Now, we have to round it to the nearest Chinese yuan by using the rounding rule.

Here, the first digit after the decimal point is 5 and it is equal to 5 so round up to the CNY. Add 1 to the rounding value.

Hence, the final rounded value to the nearest Chinese yuan CNY is ¥2.

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FAQs on Free Online Chinese Yuan or Renminbi Rounding Calculator

1. What is Yuan?

The Yuan is the base unit of a number of former and present-day currencies in Chinese. The other name of yuan is colloquially as a kuai. ¥ is the symbol of Chinese yuan and one yuan is divided into 10 jiao. One jiao is divided into 10 fen.

2. How to use rounding to the nearest Chinese yuan calculator?

Fill the input field with the given input amount and hit the calculate button to get the round-off value to the nearest CNY in less duration.

3. Round off the ¥15.76 to the nearest RMB or CNY?

¥15.76 rounded to the nearest Chinese yuan is ¥16. Also, visit our website and explore all online rounding calculators for better understanding of concepts and quick results.

Rounding to the Nearest Yuan Calculator