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How to simplify a ratio? Is this the question running in your mind? Then make use of our Simplifying Ratios Calculator. Ratio Simplifier Calculator is a free online tool that is used to reduce the ratio into the simplest form. This Ratio Solver helps in converting all whole numbers to the lowest terms by using the greatest common factors. Learn how to use Simplify Ratios using Calculator from here.

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Ratio Simplifier Calculator to find the simplest form

A ratio is an operation that is used to compare two numbers. It indicates the relation between two values by comparing them with each other. A Ratio Simplifier Calculator helps in giving accurate results faster. Simplifying ratios is the method of reducing the numbers in the simplest form.

How to use Simplifying Ratios Calculator?

The guidelines to use the simplifying ratios online calculator is given below,

1. Enter the values in the input field.

2. Click on the solve button to get the ratio in the lowest terms.

3. The output in the simplified form will be displayed on the screen.

FAQs on Simplifying Ratios

1. How to Simplify a ratio without a calculator?

1. List the factors of A.

2. List the factors of B.

3. Find the GCF of A and B.

4. Divide A by B.

5. Write them in the form of ratios and convert them into the simplest form.

2. What is the ratio of 5 to 5?

Write the given values in the form of a ratio.


5/5 = 1

So, the ratio of 5:5 is 1:1

3. Simplify the ratio to 3:5.

The factors of 3 are 1, 3

The factors of 5 are 1, 5

The greatest common factor of 3 and 5 is 1.

3/1 = 3

5/1 = 5

So, the ratio is 3:5. Which means the ratio is already in the simplest form.

Simplifying Ratios Calculator