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Steps in Miles: Finding Steps to Miles Conversion is no longer going to be difficult for you by using our Steps to Miles Calculator. Just enter the inputs like Steps, and Sex in the allotted fields and click on the calculate button to avail the resultant Miles Value in seconds.

Steps to Miles

Miles in Steps Calculation Examples

Steps in Miles Calculation Examples


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Steps to Miles Calculator: Have you walked a certain step count and want to know how many miles you walked? Then, this is the right place as we have created the Steps to Miles Calculator that gives you instant results. Read on to know more about the Formula to Convert Steps to Miles, How to Convert Steps to Miles, Solved Examples on Steps to Miles Conversion, and How to use the tool all explained clearly.

Steps to Miles Conversion Formula

There are different formulas to convert between Steps to Miles and they are as such

Formula to convert steps to miles on basis of Average Stride Length Method is given by Distance/Stride Length = Steps where Average Stride Length in Male = 2.5 ft and in Males = 2.2 ft

If you are to find Steps to Miles on basis of height the formula is as follows Distance =  Stride Length * Steps where Stride Length = height *0.43

You can use these two formulas based on the parameters given to you to quickly convert between Steps and Miles.

How many Steps are in a Mile?

To figure out how many average steps are in a mile we will use the basic formula for Steps to Miles Conversion i.e. Distance/Stride Length = Steps

We know stride length on an average in females = 2.2 ft

Males = 2.5 ft

1 mile = 5280 ft

We will place these values in the formula above we have

5280ft/2.2 ft = Steps

Steps = 2400

Therefore, 1 mile has around 2400 steps.

Steps to Miles Conversion Example

Question 1:
Convert 8k Steps to Miles?


Given the Number of steps = 8K

We know the formula to convert Steps to Miles is given by Steps = Distance/Stride Length

8K = Distance/2.2ft

8000*2.2 ft = Distance

Distance = 17600ft

Now let us convert ft to miles using the metric 1 mile = 5280 ft

= 17600 ft/5280 ft

= 3.33 miles,

Therefore, 8000 steps is equal to 3.33 miles.

How to use the Steps to Miles Calculator?

Go through the simple process mentioned here to use the Steps to Miles Converter over here. They are along the lines

  • First and foremost step is to find out the inputs like Step Count, Sex, etc.
  • Then, choose the method by which you want to determine the Miles from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on the calculate button and leave the rest for our Calculator and it will give you the value of the resultant miles in no time.

FAQs on Steps to Miles Conversion Calculator

  1. What is the formula to convert Steps to Miles?

The formula to convert Steps to Miles is given by Steps = Distance/Stride Length

  1. How many steps is 1 mile?

2400 Steps is 1 mile on average.

  1. How many miles is 15000 steps?

15000 steps are around 6.25 miles.

Steps To Miles Calculator